We're cataloging existing investigations that use network analysis. Have another one we should include? Email us at [email protected]

Calderon Family Connections (2013)

The LA Times discovered the connections of the Southern Californian Calderon family, now under investigation by the FBI. The connections include campaign money, legislation and consulting. Connections are color–coded and tracked through the directions of arrows.

Galleon's Web (2011)

After hedge fund management firm Galleon Group closed in 2009, co–founder Raj Rajaratnam was found guilty of all charges against him in an insider trading case. The Wall Street Journal created a series of interactives to help show the relationships between Rajaratnam and the people involved in his case.

Top Secret America (2010)

More than 20 Washington Post journalists conducted a two–year investiation into the government's national security response to 9/11 by compiling hundreds of thousands of public records of government organizations and private-sector companies.

The Stem Cell Wars (2010)

This investigation evaluates the peer review process for leading scientific journals. New Scientist investigated the publication process in the area of stem cell research or cellular reprogramming. The infographic displays the relationship between the most influential players in this field of study and paper citations.

Flip Investigation (2009)

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune conducted an investigation into the housing–bubble burst of 2008. The paper analyzed more than 19 million Florida real estate transactions to determine how flipped homes contributed to the financial crisis.

Degrees of Hank Paulson (2008)

ProPublica's interactive shows how former Secretary of the Treasury Henry "Hank" Paulson is related to Wall Street CEOs.

Web of Influence (2004)

The Dallas Morning News', created this interactive to show how power and influence in Austin, Texas helped influence House Bill 2292.